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Privacy Policy

We collect no data which can be used to identify individual users or is classed as ‘personal’.

Data which we do collect is anonymous and used to aid the development of the website for the benefit of its users.

Neither Lingfield PCC or Lancashire Data Solutions Ltd are able to identify individual users on the basis of the data collected.

What We Collect

We collect information about your use of the website, including what pages you visit, how long you spend on each page, where you came from (including search terms if appropriate) and information about which browser, operating system and screen resolution you use.

How the Data is Processed

This information is collected by Google for the purpose of providing Lingfield PCC and Lancashire Data Solutions Ltd with general statistics about the use of the website. This information helps us to make sure that people are able to use the website, that people are able to find it in search engines and that it displays correctly on the majority of users screens.

Opting Out and Removal of Data

As the data is collected anonymously, it is not possible to have data already collected about you removed as it cannot be identified as yours. At present, it is not possible to opt out of providing this data, although Google (the service provider) may to make this possible in the future.


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